About Us

FOR courageous BRANDS

Gallant helps brands save money, by providing all marketing services under one roof. We eliminate the costs, inconsistencies and long turnaround times associated with using several agencies to execute one campaign.

How do we manage it? By bringing together fearless, hardworking, seasoned specialists along side bold, adventurous creatives, ready to create gallant marketing.

As a multi-skilled marketing agency, we blur the lines between traditional marketing and business development. We address marketing challenges as business challenges, analysing every angle, from concept, to product development, execution and return on investment.




Our offerings range from marketing strategy – where we deep-dive into your company’s objectives and pave a new way forward – to rebranding your corporate identity, changing customer and staff perceptions. Gallant produces both above and below-the-line components, closing the loop with all things digital. All completed projects get an After Action Report so our clients can see how their marketing truly performed.


Gallant believes in giving back to NGO’s that support causes that are close to our heart. Parts of our proceeds go to the following causes:

Woodrock Animal Rescue is a pro-life, rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing facility for any abandoned or abused animals. Their work is selfless and rooted in pure passion and hope.

Gudwulfs Pit Bull Rescue is a privately funded organisations that focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls and other power breeds. They also provide behavioural and training services.

Creative Gatherings provides underprivileged youth with the means to resources in order to expand, explore and refine their interest in art, music or photography. Monthly workshops and performance evenings provide these artists with a platform to showcase their work.